Super Kena

Why Super Kena?

When Becky’s first grandchild was born hard of hearing, things changed. She searched the internet to find a book about a child with hearing aids but they were hard to find. Most of the books had animals with hearing aids in them! 

So, she decided to write her own book for Kena and that’s how “Super Kena – A Girl Made Fierce with Hearing Aids” came about! It’s meant to empower children like Kena but also other “differently-abledchildren who get teased and only want to fit in.

The book touches on children with glasses, with diabetes, who stutter, who have a peanut allergy, with asthma, and who are in wheelchairs. Together they use their unique super powers to make a difference in the world by spreading understanding and acceptance . . .  one classroom at a time.

About the author

Becky has been an administrative assistant for a local non-profit for the last 20 years along with being a farm wife. She and her husband Dan farm small grains and sugar beets in northern Minnesota. They have three grown children: a teacher, a doctor, and a farmer. They live with their two dogs and enjoy visits from their three grandchildren.

Becky Cymbaluk​