Super Kena


Welcome to my blog, where imagination and inspiration collide. Join me on an adventure as I share insights into the world of Super Kena and her exceptional life. My blog is a mix of stories and encouraging thoughts, inspired by the real-life experiences of my granddaughter Kena, and the profound impact it has on my own life. Together, we explore the power of advocating for children who are differently-abled, the importance of inclusivity, and the beauty of embracing our differences. Here, advocating isn’t about feeling pity; it’s about approaching others with empathy, understanding what makes them special, and cultivating kind intentions and a kind heart. 

Join Becky on this amazing journey that will warm your heart, learn valuable lessons you didn’t know you needed, and discover how kindness and gratitude always triumph.

Cool Vibes

As the end of summer wraps up, I am eager for cool, fall weather with pretty turning leaves and crops coming off the fields. Being

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Insomnia Season

First of all, insomnia stinks! For the last ten years of my life, I either can’t get tired enough to fall asleep or wake up

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Deaf Defined

It’s amazing to me how much I learn every day about hearing loss and the people who have it. For my social media, I am

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A Happy Heart

Let me start by saying, I am grateful for all that I have. Nothing is by far perfect in my house or family but I

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