Super Kena

Printable Coloring Pages!

Check out the FREE coloring pages you can print out to help your little ones creatively engage in the Super Kena characters. Coloring helps kids recognize color, shapes and gives them the opportunity to stretch their imaginations by trying out different color combinations. Along with that, it can have a calming effect on children as they concentrate on making a piece of art! I’d love to see their creations and post them for all to see, submit them here. Feel free to include their smiling faces, it’s up to you!

Super Kena is the fierce leader of her super hero team of friends. She’s spreading kindness and acceptance one class at a time.

Quiet Quinn is a champion of fighting through his stutter and is persistent in practicing speech.

Determined Danny is a powerful boy that uses an inhaler to control asthma, helping him breathe easier.

Amazing Anna wears glasses that have rescued and helped her vision along with allowing her to see the best in everyone.

Zippy Zach is a strong warrior that doesn’t let being in a wheelchair stop him from following his dreams.

Watchful Wendy is a brave girl tackling the ups and downs of having diabetes and it makes her feel strong.

Precise Priya is allergic to nuts so staying away from them has been her lifesaver and makes her unstoppable.

Join Super Kena and her team of super heroes as they show everyone that differently-abled children can make a difference. Each of us has something that helps us get through our day-to-day challenges and makes us “super” in our own way!


Create your own coloring book

You can create your own coloring book by downloading the images found on this page! Follow the instructions below:

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