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What a difference a day can make!

Wow, things sure can change fast. It’s hard to believe that we are living in a world in which a rogue virus can bring everyone to their knees.  I feel like this coronavirus is spreading like a wild fire that we really don’t know when it will completely end.

   Being an introvert by nature, I don’t mind staying home. I find many things to keep busy with like cleaning my house, working on my book marketing and sales, doing a puzzle, etc.  It doesn’t bother me to stay home for a while, but when that extends to weeks, I might have a different view on staying home.  I’m starting to feel a little cabin fever creeping in. It’s funny how having to stay in your house can make you crave your “normal” life.  This morning I listened and watched our church service on my computer.  It filled up my love tank, hearing the beautiful songs and soaking in the sermon. Something we would take so for granted before all of this.  I think twice before going anywhere these days. Is it really needed? No.  Can we survive without leaving?  Yes.

   I’m anxious to get out and sell more of my books soon.  I really enjoyed the kids’ bright faces and excitement of hearing the story. But now to hear that they may be done with their school year so early, makes me sad for what they will miss.  I feel bad for the high school seniors that will miss their proms, graduation parties, and graduation.  They will have such stories to tell their children. I’ve heard so many people say “make sure you write in your journal about this.”  We will look back on this in a year or so and won’t believe how that changed our lives. We will rethink shaking hands with strangers or hugging that friend but I hope we don’t get rid of all physical community interaction. Going to a funeral and not hugging the mourners just wouldn’t seem right. Hopefully after this, businesses will have planning committees that will look ahead and figure out what to do if this should happen again.  God willing, it won’t but the likelihood is fairly high.  I’m guessing hospitals will have different protocols and school districts will rethink how to teach kids from home.

   Even though this social distancing hasn’t seemed fun, there are so many things to be grateful for. Having food, shelter, and being healthy are major things to be thankful for. I realize so many small businesses are hurting during this and my hope is that they can hang in there until we are knocking on their doors very soon. Stay home and stay healthy, it won’t last forever.

Blessings to all,


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