Super Kena

Becky Cymbaluk

Deaf Defined

It’s amazing to me how much I learn every day about hearing loss and the people who have it. For my social media, I am scouring the internet for interesting informative articles and inspirational stories and quotes. Through this, I have learned such a vast amount of information. Lately, I have read about the difference …

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Super Kena: A girl made fierce with hearing aids

Contributed by Debbie Clason, staff writer, Healthy HearingJuly 6, 2020 Two-year-old Kena didn’t notice that her hearing aids were attracting attention during storytime at the library—but her mom did. “I can’t let other kids define who Kena is,” her mom, Krystyna, confided to Kena’s grandmother that evening. “I want her to be fierce.”  The conversation resonated with Grandma Becky Cymbaluk, …

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