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Life, as we know it.

It’s been awhile since I sat down to write a blog. I have been spending the “shelter in place” Covid time keeping very busy at home.  Doing what? you say. All of the “normal” home routines of washing clothes, cleaning the house, making supper, etc. Besides all of the humdrum stuff, I’ve made time to paint and use my Cricut, too. That’s what makes me happy, inside anyway.  I’ve done pretty much every puzzle in our house, at least once. Even the Christmas ones have been put together and the good news is, none of them are missing pieces! The bad news is, is that I have about 14! Too many that take up a lot of room in my storage closet. 

Is it just me or do you find there isn’t enough storage space in your house?  The kids used to take up so much of it with clothes and games, etc. But their closets are still full, now with baby equipment or trikes or special stuff I just can’t part with. One day, hopefully soon, I will get in the mood to do a thorough go through and throw or sell some very forgotten toys or clothes I never wear. That always feels good when you narrow down the stuff in your closets and do some organizing.  It’s like a breath of fresh air when you open the door and see everything in its place, taking up half the room there was before.

Speaking of fresh air, extroverts, during these strange times, are struggling to find ways to breathe and reopen their lives to the many people they are missing to see. For most of my family, we’re doing good. We are mostly introverts, but even lately it seems too long to not be able to see our families and friends. This pandemic is going to be hard to bounce back from, especially for people like me that enjoy being home. I’m going to need to get out and sell my books so I’m sure there will be some self-talk needed for that. I’ve gotten better at being more social but it seems the longer I am home, the harder it is to take the leap to get out more.  I think it’s because I just think too much. But for the extroverts, they’re going to jump at the chance to go places, see people they haven’t for a long time, and just plain feel free!

The pandemic has changed life as we know it. I believe some of the situations will probably come back like before but a lot of things are going to evolve.  I’m sure the cashiers that now have a big piece of plexiglas between them and the customer probably don’t mind getting coughed or sneezed on as much. Customers getting their hair cut probably won’t mind waiting in their car until the hairdresser is ready for them. Those are small circumstances. Will churches reopen at full capacity? Or will concerts and professional sport team games still be packed?  No doubt it’s gong to be hard on the business owners that can’t fill their bars or restaurants. Or the event centers that can’t fill all of the seats in their stadiums.  Things will change and I’m sure like every other baby boomer around, it will seem drastic to us and not a big deal to the young. I know everyone is ready to get back to “normal” whatever that used to look like but we’re going to have to accept some things changing.  Just because the church isn’t open to the public, doesn’t mean religion has disappeared. Myself, I’ve been leaning in on watching church on Facebook each Sunday. It hasn’t taken God away from me and we all know that you don’t need a middle man to speak with whomever you believe in anyway.

I know, somehow, we will get through this pandemic. Sadly, some people won’t be around to witness it because of this virus though. For the people that have had to die alone, I pray you are in a beautiful place and send your love and protection to all of us below. We have to believe in hope and trust. As Vivian Greene quotes “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” When we are able to do this, we begin to see the true meaning of life.  

Peace and love,


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