Super Kena

Life in the Little Moments

I was having a quiet moment icing my back (boxes of books are heavy) in my living room early this morning with the Christmas tree lights nearby flooding the room in shadows. It was peaceful and don’t we all need some peaceful moments in our life, especially this time of year?  Christmas is my favorite time and it seems every year I strive to be more in the moment and enjoy every minute. But life is busy, no matter what time of year, and it’s so easy to be engrossed in the details and not take the big picture into consideration.  We focus on the tiny details of getting the menu ready for Christmas or cleaning the house for guests instead of enjoying that church holiday program or watching little children watching “Frosty the Snowman” for the first time on tv.  Time flies by so fast. We don’t get the time to connect with that brother or sister that live an hour away or relax and put up our feet without feeling a twinge of guilt.  I think the older I get, the more important the little encounters in life become more meaningful.  Yeah, it can be a real mess baking with a 3-year-old but hopefully neither of you will ever forget the fun you had. The mess can be cleaned up eventually and forgotten but the time you spent with her won’t be.  So, maybe this year you will try harder to remember, it’s okay if the house is a mess but if you smell cookies and hear some laughing and giggling in the kitchen, that’s where the real magic and memories of Christmas are being made. Don’t let that slip by without noticing.

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