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Cool Vibes

As the end of summer wraps up, I am eager for cool, fall weather with pretty turning leaves and crops coming off the fields. Being able to have the windows open to enjoy that fresh air and the sound of leaves crunching is my favorite. Besides I enjoy a little pumpkin spice cappuccino and bringing out my pumpkin apple candles! Spring used to be my favorite time of year but since having dogs, I’ve changed my mind. Spring brings in all that fresh mud/snow/gravel into the house with them, I can do without that. The older my husband and I get the more we look forward to the last crop of the year being harvested. So far, we only have one of our four crops completely combined and they’re working on the second. We all seem to breathe a little easier when they’re all finished for the year. After all, it’s an accomplishment each year to end safely since farming is one of the most dangerous occupations. Too many great people have lost their lives simply by doing the job they love with the many varying circumstances that can happen with so many moving parts.

My daughter was looking for extra-curricular classes for her daughter to take and since dance was full, she was looking at gymnastics. She pointed out something I never really thought about. One of the many things Kena loves about dance is the music and of course she likes the movement and being with friends. Gymnastics probably won’t have much music included. It made me think back to when Kena was born and we found out she’d need hearing aids. The two major things that came to my mind was . . . I hope she can hear and enjoy music like I do and I hope she can swim since it’ll be so much harder to communicate with her while in the water. Now at almost seven-years-old she loves music pretty much anywhere – in school music class, the car or home. It makes my heart happy seeing her sing and dance to music! I’m not sure what she can hear but the only thing that matters is that it lights up her soul, right?  As far as swimming, she’s surpassed anything I could have expected. She has been taking swimming lessons for quite a few years and I think that has made being around water easier for her parents. She truly is a little fish and is happiest when she’s in the water. Pool, lake, or ocean – doesn’t seem to matter to her. I often wonder what she hears without her hearing aids when in the water. Does she love it because all the outside noise of this world is muted? Does she enjoy it so much because without the loud background sound it’s actually soothing and calming to her? Maybe someday when she’s older she’ll be able to explain it to me how it actually feels in the water without her hearing aids. Or maybe before then, I’ll be wearing hearing aids and then I’ll know exactly how it feels!

Stay safe this fall, especially to all of our farmers and farmhands working hard to get everything finished before the snow flies. Give them a break on the roads if they’re not moving fast enough for you, after all someone is waiting for them to come home at night, including me!

Blessings to all,


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