Super Kena

Super Hero Disbelief and Sleepovers

Today feels like the beginning of summer here in Northern Minnesota. Today we’re blessed with 92 degrees of sun and a slight breeze. We’ve had 30-40 mph winds the last week so it’s glorious not hearing the wind Especially since it wrecks our carefully planted fields, causes more stress in our farming household. Just a few of the things that we can’t control – temperature outside, wind, rain, sun, etc. We really do have to trust in God that things will work out, no matter how extreme the weather is.

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to see my oldest daughter graduate with her Master’s degree. I was there proudly with her two kids along with her husband. When I was trying to distract Kena while we waited for her mom’s name to be announced we looked at photos on my phone. We came across a photo of her class and she pointed to one boy that “doesn’t believe that I’m a super hero!” I wasn’t sure how to respond to that, even though I consider her one. She said her class hadn’t seen our Super Kena book yet, so I figured that was why he didn’t believe. I gifted her class a book since they wanted kids to bring in S books. The Super Kena book was a hit! Maybe the whole class will believe that each of them are super heroes in their own ways now. I’ve been told that I’ve created a monster meaning that Kena really believes she is a super hero and everyone should know that. She’s been heard at a neighborhood park telling kids that didn’t want to include her saying “do you know who I am? I’m Super Kena!”  Yes, I may have created a monster but if Kena grows up to be a confident, kind young lady, then I’m glad to have been a small part of that!

Last weekend, we had the two older grandkids for a sleepover. It’s been a long time since we did this but we filled the day with a bubble party, perler bead fun, a super hero photo shoot, lots of biking and swinging along with root beer floats to wrap up the night.  Hearing them say “I love coming to your house, Amma” or “today is the best day ever” made it all worth it! They’ll only be 3 and 6 for a few more months so I am grateful for anytime I get to spend with them.

Enjoy your summer!


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